When A Question Is The Only Answer

As managers we must get away from giving an answer to every question we get asked. Good managers bat most questions straight back to the questioner, for reasons that are not always immediately apparent...

There’s a very old sales joke that runs something like:

"I hear you always answer a question with a question."

"Really. Who told you that?"

Wake Up and Smell the Cliché

We owe it to those we work with to make every effort to say what we are really thinking. The trendy buzz phrases used by so many deny our thirst for open communication and stop us saying what we really mean.

So what is the worst cliché you’ve ever heard?

Mine has to be the time I was attending a fraught meeting where things had begun to get rather heated, especially between two excitable managers.

Presentation Nerves: Churchill's Bitter Lesson

Many people blame nerves for ruining good presentations. But nerves can have a very positive effect on our performance and even lift a presentation from the mediocre to the unforgettable.

Winston Churchill.

Ask someone to think of a great orator and, very often, that is whom many will think of first.

Or was he such a great orator? Read on. I think I might have a surprise for you.

Some years ago, Brooke Knapp, the US female test pilot said:

There's a Place for Us

Whether you are a team leader or a corporate director, you are charged with changing things for the better. But first you must define what ‘better' is and communicate this in a compelling and persuasive way for your team.

Michelangelo once spoke of it. Lewis Carroll once wrote about it.

But Moses had to do it.

In fact every manager should be doing it: setting a clear and unambiguous direction to his or her team.

Alice in Management Land

Half Empty to Half Full: Dealing with the Mind Menaces

Stress Management Consultant, Teresa Harrington, looks at the mental damage we can inflict on ourselves by allowing our thought patterns to go unchallenged, and offers a life-changing strategy.

"Negative thinking should carry a health warning."

So a past delegate informed me. Is it true? Well, yes, because negative thinking is more than a state of mind, it can have serious effects not only on our well being but also on those people around us. What's more, if unchecked, it can lead to levels of stress that are almost impossible to tolerate.

Raising Performance through Motivation Part Three: Personality Theory

After taking us through the content and process theories of motivation, Chartered Psychologist Dr Lynne Whatmore briefly outlines the personality theory of motivation, explaining why its link with financial rewards is so often a favoured option.

In the first of my three articles, I looked at Content theories of motivation and suggested that, even though they still seem to merit a place in every leadership training course, there are other more modern theories that deserve just as much attention.


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