Selling Skills

The Consultative Sale

Scheduled course outline – duration 2 days

“You do not sell something to a customer. What you sell is how they will feel when they own it.”

Business Scenario

The Write way to the Sale

Scheduled course outline – duration 1 day

“The Golden Rule: Put yourself in the position of your readers.”

Business Scenario

Every successful sale will, at some stage, require the salesperson to summarise their solution in a written format. Clear, crisp proposals that ask to be read will help differentiate you from your competitors.

Who should attend?

Successful Telephone Calls

Scheduled course outline – duration 2 days

“You don’t make or receive sales calls  – you only make or receive customer service calls”

Business Scenario

We have witnessed a revolution in the way we do business with many large companies seizing the opportunity to channel customer contacts through the telephone. Yet the gap between the levels of professionalism promised and that experienced by the customer has severely dented the credibility and reputation of many.

The Essential Selling Tool Kit

Scheduled course outline – duration 2 days

“There is no such thing as soft sell or hard sell – only smart sell and stupid sell”

Business Scenario

Selling is more than just a single interaction between the salesperson and a prospective buyer. The success of a sale is determined long before the presentation meeting is arranged; the willingness of the buyer to remain loyal to your product will depend on all that occurs afterwards.

Business Development for Non-Sales Professionals

Example course outline – duration 1 day

"If you’re not selling in your organisation, make sure you’re supporting someone who is."

Business Scenario In many different types of organisations, senior managers and professional specialists are increasingly expected to take on a customer-facing role. No matter how good their specialist knowledge is, they are going to be at a distinct disadvantage if they cannot use key proven sales skills.

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