March 2013

Three Easy Flip Chart Tips Using A Magic Pencil


A pencil and flip chart are an unlikely – but powerful – combination and I want to share three great tips which involve this unlikely pairing. Each tip is based on the fact that a pre-pencilled flip chart sheet looks – to your audience – like a normal blank sheet of paper. It’s only when you consciously look for the pencil markings that you notice it’s been ‘doctored’.

7 Things Incredibly Successful and Attractive People Do Before Breakfast

Arrogant Person

It’s one of the most devilishly silly scenes in cinema.

In Bedazzled, Peter Cook plays Satan who, whilst holding a conversation with Dudley Moore in a bookshop, casually rips out the last page of every Agatha Christie novel on the shelf.

Imagine that. Ploughing through an entire ‘whodunit’ only to find – because some playful fiend got there before you – that you are still as much in the dark about the wicked murderer as you were when you started reading it!

Kicking a Habit Might Just be the Start of Your Problems

Stubbing out a cigarette

Why can’t some people give up smoking? Surely they must be weak minded? After all, you only have to think about the health issues, not to mention the enormous expense of keeping a 20-a-day habit going.